Days go by

Author: Jeff /

So it's been a while since I posted on here (sorry mom) but I a hoping to get back into it now that things have settled back down a little. Carter is still great, just about walking... just about. Work is going good, at the office a lot this week except monday due to no power due to six inches of april...not good. Kitty got to watch Carter Tuesday since she's on spring break, today Grandpa Shelton is watching him fora few hours while I work...or post this... same difference All in all thougha good week so far. Got to watch Michigan State get killed on monday night (got great joy from that) Good friday is well Friday, and then Easter Sunday and the Masters is this week!! Hours of time wll be spent watching guys hit a litte wite ball around, gotta love it!!
Hope you are all doing well, talk soon!!