Ties that Bind

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hey everybody been a little while since we updated this/  Really since I updated this, allison isn't involved... mainly because she doesn't have time.  Thngs are good.  Carter is almost one (crazy) He is doing great, almost walking and crawling at this point, we aren't sure which he'll do first. We are excited about his birthday but can't believe it's been a year already. He is so much fun now, we just sit around in the house most nights and play with him until the letter show comes on TV (wheel of Fortune) He loves to watch it, probably just the sound of the wheel spinning and all the bright lights and sounds.  All in all though he is great, mostly healthy, or at least as healthy as an infant can be thier first winter. He's happy and love ot play and interact.  He's saying mama and dadda and nana and papa and grandma and grandpa and turle and dog dog and football. He just learned his name today and says Carter pretty well. He knows other words too but I'll spare you the reading. 

Ruby and Sophie are doing well also.  Ruby is fat and sophie is skinny and we feed them the same amount and ruby is more active... who knows?? I've lost ten pounds since the first of the year and hoping to keep it up. Trying to eat less and exercise more and the warm weather will only help that.  So for now there ya go, things are good at the Orans version 2.  Version one is good too.  


ps if you don't know what versions 1 and 2 are... 1 is my parents, 2 is currently me and allison but we will soon be 2.2 because Jason and Kelly will be 2.1 Aug 15... Carter is version 3.


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You and your versions. Weird. But funny.

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