Sewage... yes that's correct... sewage

Author: Jeff /

So sunday morning I get a call at 9:00 from Pathway telling me that the womens bathrrom is flooding due to the toilets backing up...eww.  This is not a total suprise after the issues we had a few weeks ago be we had really hoped that snaking out the sewer line would fix the problem. Not so much.  So Tuesday we had a guy come out with his big tractor and start digging.  First we tore out the flowerbed by the parking lot because this is about where we though the break was.  To our surprise however the pipe there was not broken or clogged and was actually PVC not older stuff. So the guy sent his camera down the line from the other end and located the clog that way... it was about 15 feet from where we had dug... So, we began to dig there... and sure enough we found the problem.  There was a Y in the pipe where another line joined it and there were roots all inside of the joint.  When I say all inside I mean the entire pipe was fullied with thick coarse roots.  not just one root, thousands of tiny roots all weaved together, totally clogging the pipe.  I am thankful however that I was not the guy in the hole this time because when he hit the pipe with his hammer it gushed forth sewage all over him.  I was standing on the driveway trying not to laugh...poor guy.

so the problem is fixed now, only took about three hours I didn't have to get sewage all over me, unlike last year...  thank the Lord for plumbers...


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