Long Day

Author: Jeff /

Wow what a start to the week.  Today Carter had his one year Dr. appointment and got his shots. He did very well again with the shots, but he also has an ear infection in his right ear that has made him a little crabby. He woke up at 6:50 this morning, so we took Allison to work and then went to the bank and the store, pretty normal for a monday. However he fell asleep on the way home and slept through breakfast time.  I fed him at about 10:30 (an hour late) and then it was off to the Dr's. Like I said he did fine, but he fell asleep again on he way home and slept until 1:30.  So I fed him lunch (two hours late) and we played on the floor. Since lunch was so late he got no bottle. 3:30 we were off to pick up allison, go to walgreens to get his script for the ear and then go to ken and kitty's to scarf down some pot roast (third pot roast in a week and half...how awesome is that!!) before leaving for roseville for class. Two classes and chapel and home we came at 8:30.  Got home at 9:30 but had to go to ken and kitty's to get allison and the baby, got home for good at 10:10.  typing this while allison take a shower and then we're hitting the hay.  hope you all had a great day, I only hope the rest of this week goes by a little faster, with not quite as much craziness.

PS. 15 days till the bahamas!!!


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