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So the week comes to an end... finally.  This was the first week of having Carter at home with me everyday, and it was along week.  Not because I had him or because he was bad or anything, actually he's the easiest kid I've ever seen, it was just a long week.  I think getting used to working form home and the new schedule and everything just prolonged what was already going to be a long week.  Carter's party is tomorrow and he's officially 1 on Sunday... weird.  He's crawling like mad now (had to barracade the living room yesterday to contain him) also very very close to walking.  He'll walk everywhere so long as he has something to hold on to.  So tomorrow before his party I am puting the latches on all the cabinets in the house and cleaning the floor everywhere so he doesn't find a random piece of lint to munch on.  Anyways, had a request to post a new blog ;) so here ya go, have a great friday and wonderful weekend.  Boo 6-8 inches of snow!!!

PS yes I know I said I love snow but seriously I want warm weather and golf now!!


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