Sunday Morning

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Yes I know it's not morning but I was thinking of the Maroon 5 song so here ya go.  Allison is starting to feel better and Carter is healthy and happy as always. We decided to make today a sit at home and lounge while watching West Wing day.  Allison can't go outside due to the cold, and I don't want to leave her again, we have hardly seen each other the past week between my being sick and her being sick and work and church and who knows what else.  So we are spending a family day together in the warmth of our livingroom.   Tomorrow begins another week, I can't believe we are in 2009 let alone almost a whole month into it, Carter is almost one and I can't hardly remember life without him. 


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So apparently this is the year of bitter cold and a lot of sickness.  I am now fine, completely over my wonderfull sickness that was last sunday, but now Allison is sick.  Not flu but Bronchitus.  Coughing like mad and feeling generally poor and is also out of it do to the cough medicine.  My father in law has some intestinal thing and is being tested for salmonila, and is also generally feeling poor.  So now we wait and see how long it takes all to get better and to see who is next to fall ill.  I hope that it doesn't happen but bassed on the past two months I have a feeling it's inevitable.  So everyone take extra vitamin C and we'll keep you posted!

Weak Week

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So turns out the flu is no good in case you were wondering... was sick saturday night/sunday morning and am now just sore and my stomach has no desire to contain food, so we went to chinese and I had wonton soup and now american idol it is. Hoping to feel better tomorrow but who knows allisons stomach was upset for like three weeks after she got sick so my hopes are not high. Anyways been a while since we had an update so here ya go, Carter is doing good, had a good day at daycare and is about to fall asleep so i have to go and I'll talk to yall tomorrow!!

Tuesday Afternoon

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...So we went shopping Monday, went home and Carter took and Hour and a half long nap. He seems to nap better when we do the cry it out at night.  I think it helps him calm himself during the day, we'll see how he does at daycare today.  Anyways, went to start Term three at Destiny last night, thus why I had to cut my last blog off, time to go home... got home at 10:30 and went right to bed and Carter slept through the night!! Today is shoveling at the church and at home, and working on websites and other marketing things.  Hope everyone has a good day especially all the teachers that got the day off.

Monday Monday

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So we are officially going back to letting Carter cry it out at night which means a little less sleep for a few nights but then ti will be solid nights sleep. He did well last night, cried for about 30 minutes before he gave in.  Hopefullt tonight will be less if at all. He had a great day today with his dad. We went to the church and he got to hang out with Aunt Emily for 20 minutes while dad went to the bank to open a new checking account for the ministry. Spirit Life is finally up and running!! Whohoo. is the cureent website, actually more of a blog like this but it'll serve it's purpose well. After the bank I got Carter and went to the store. Carter loves the store, he can be crying like crazy in the car and as soon as I put him in the cart he is happy as could be.  more to come later...

Let it Snow

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So it's Saturday morning, actually almost 2:00 now but who keeps track when you're hunkered down in your house while it snows like crazy outside. Carter had a rough start to the night last night but once he fell asleep he was great.  Slept until about 4:45 when he woke up to eat and then he went back to sleep and slept until... 9:00!! I couldn't believe it! He has slept that late before but never on a Saturday! So I woke up with him and made us all breakfast, eggs, bacon, sausage, and toast. (Cart had strawberry banana baby food, and plums.) Proceeded to wake Allison up with breakfast in bed and then when she was done handed Carter off to her and went out to shovel.  Going to a movie this afternoon while Nana and Papa watch the boy. All in all a very relaxed fun day. Boy do i love snowstorms!!

Weekend Winter Storm

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Friday Friday Friday, boy do I love fridays.  It feels good to wrap up the weeks work and tie together all the loose ends and know when you leave on friday that everything is as it should be.  We have hot water still which is nice, and we have a winter storm heading our way which is also nice.  I know I am one of th few people who really love snow, and I know that most people are either dreadng having to drive home today or having to shovel tonight, but I love it.  I love driving in snow, much to the displeasure of my bride, I love playing in snow, and yes I even love shoveling snow.  Although I must say I much prefer shoveling snow while it is still snowing as opposed to shoveling after it has stopped. So tonight while everyone else is grumpy that it is cold and snowing again and "Darnit all I have to shovel 3 more inches of snow!!" I will be outside, shoveling away and loving every second of it. It gives me an escape, it takes me back to my childhood when I would have to shovel off the ice rink in order to skate and how I could care less if anyone helped me shovel or for that matter even skated with me.  I remember when I was younger, probably 10-12 years old going out onto my lake in the middle of a snow storm, turning around and realizing that it was snowing so hard I could see nothing but white.  My house was gone, the hill across the bay was gone, it was just me and tons and tons of snow.  I rememeber building a snow fort against/under our boat.  It was stored for the winter on th side of the garage and had huge snow drifts against it.  I discovered however that if I could dig through the drift the whole area under the boat was still grass.  So I'd dig through the drift and hide under the boat. I'd build up the areas that weren't covered by drifts so that no one could see that I was underneath the boat.  Eventually I'd head back inside and my mom would ask what I'd been doing, and I would respond, "Just playing in the snow." She'd smile and I'd go downstairs to get my skates on.  See when I was growing up I didn't spend much time inside even in the winter. I would get home from school and go play hockey, or play football with my brother in the backyard because football was the most fun when played in deep snow when you couldn't feel anything.  In the summer I was never at home. I'm not sure my parents saw me for more then 10 or 15 minutes a day during the summer.  Living on a lake obviously helped. Wake up early and go fishing off the dock or if my dad was home for shutdown we'd go skiing because the lake was calm in the morning and that made it easier to ski. Then we'd have breakfast, change into another swim suit and go play basketball for hours until we were sweaty and exhausted.  Then we'd run down the side of the house, fly off the dock and splash into sweet refreshing water. We'd swim until our hands were nothing but shriveled didgets sticking out of our arms and then we'd go play basketball again.  We wouldn't bother drying off, we'd be dry in minutes anyways and why use a towel that later you'd have to hang up. And this is how summer days went, alternating between basketbal and football and soccer depending on our mood. The fall would be all football, and the spring was all basketball.  I remember playing basketball outside in March because it was finally 50 and we could actually play for a few minutes before our fingers went numb from playing with a wet ball that had inevitably fallen into a pile of snow that was still lingering by the drveway. (long sentance) The point is we weren't inside.  No matter how hot or cold we went outside. Now there are video games and computers and HD TV's (all of which I love) The point of all of this is to say "Carter, I'm sorry but you are not going to be allowed to sit inside and play video games or chat to your friends on facebook. You are going to go outside and explore the world that is out there for you to rule." 

Because if a kid can't have a fort under his boat or a tree house in the woods down the street then what is the pointof growng up?

Hot Water Please??

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so the drama that is our hot water heater continues...last night we got home, started to give Carter his bath and noticed that there was once again no hot water. (if you didn't know already this also happened saturday and monday) So now Dustin is here replacing parts on our apparently very cheap water heater (thank you previous home owner) Good news is that once this is done we will be all set to go for at least another 3-4 years and by then we will hopefuly be building our addition and getting a tankless water heater. All the reviews say that they are great, save you money and take up hardly any space. And when your plumber friend says he thinks they're fantastic you tend to believe him.  Anyways a couple hundred bucks down the drain and on we go, just thankful that we are finally getting to a place where a few hundred dollar repair doesn't completely destroy our budget...makes things interesting, but doesn't destroy it.


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Day 2 and going Just wanted to let everyone know that Carter really seems to be getting over his cold, he slept through the night last night for the first time since before Christmas. Whoo Hooo!!!  He is also doing well a daycare in the "Toddler Room"  He seemed to have a good day yesterday and even took a nap for an hour and a half!!!  He crys like the world is ending when I leave in the morning which is tons of fun for dad but they sa he stops after a few minutes and is fine after that so really he's doing pretty good with the seperation anxiety.  Other than that Allison and I are doing well, I'm still battling a cold, and Allison is sore from slipping on the ice on sunday but besides that all is well. Can't believe it's wednesday already this week. Time is flying by now, it'll be Carter's Birthday before we know it and then off to the Bahamas!!! Can't wait!

2009 - seriously???

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Hey everyone, Happy 2009 to you all. This is the start of our family blog, we will post updates, pictures and who knows what else on here. I actually started this while looking for a new way to create a blog/website for the church and had to test something.   I've seen Krista and Stefan's blog and thought it was a great way to learn about them and the kids so here ya go. I don't usually like to write, mainly because I don't like to read and to write you must read so it just didn't work for me.  However I do tend to write a lot on the computer and enjoy just letting my thoughts go on the screen, so I will try to write on this daily but don't keep your hopes Allison doesn't even know of this yet but once I email her the link I'm sure she will use this also. Anyways here's to a new year and a new project.